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Online Cannabis store Widitrip is Melbourne  Cannabis Industry Publication, is dedicated to the regulatory and political climate and culture of the cannabis industry in Melbourne. 

With an unparalleled background in publishing Melbourne’s political scene, Co-Founder and Publisher Jerry Smauls D brings a unique perspective and understanding of the politics and agencies governing medical marijuana. 

Widitrip Publishing Company relies on a great team of talented contributors, ranging from doctors and lawyers, business people and industry professionals.

Founded in 2015 by Rachael Jerry Smauls and Angela Dunn and their company, Widitrip Media, Widitrip Magazine sets out to establish a timely, relevant, and qualified resource for the booming cannabis industry in this state. Online Cannabis store.

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We are an online cannabis tore dealing only with medical marijuana. Our gold is to bring out the good health Behind Cannabis and make available to All.Online Cannabis store

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